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Global Bridge Сapital

We are an investment and consulting agency that provides a broad range of business planning, fund raising, research and analytics services.
Global Bridge Сapital provides professional services and solutions in capital management, investment, finance, taxation, law, management, strategic consultancy, and global strategy building in compliance with the best ESG practices.

Global Bridge Сapital is part of Global Bridge Group founded by Ivan Yeryomin, investor and the owner of the Vedomosti newspaper and the FederalPress media holding.

Our primary focus is on Eurasia and the Middle East.

Global Bridge Сapital provides professional services and solutions in capital management, investment, finance, taxation, law, management, strategic consultancy, and global strategy building in compliance with the best ESG practices.

We help businesses access capital and new prospective markets, solve administrative and legal issues, and build a successful image for the global audience.

Our mission is to reveal the prospects of rapidly growing enterprises seeking long-term funding to ensure their future success.

Our main area of expertise is small and medium businesses (SMB) and innovative firms.

We offer strategic consultancy in order to attract various financial instruments, such as bank loans, national and international public funding, venture capital, direct investment, and individual IPO solutions on developed and emerging markets.

Global Bridge Сapital is part of Global Bridge Group founded by Ivan Yeryomin, investor and the owner of the Vedomosti newspaper and the FederalPress media holding.
The Group unites several consulting companies:
«Global Bridge Capital»
investment and consulting
«Global Bridge Legal Advisors»
legal services
«Glav Sovetnik»
Our Group’s is present
in the following markets:
The demand for professional investment counselling is rising globally as a result of toughening competition and increased economic threats on a global scale.

The traditional institutions of international commerce and banking, which have been the cornerstone of the global economy for decades, need to be reshaped in light of the immense challenges that businesses and entire nations in Europe and Asia are currently confronting.

This necessitates the formation of the Greater Eurasian Partnership, strengthening of regional integration, development of new tools for trade financing and national currency settlements, digitalization of trade and transport routes, securing of technological sovereignty, and development of cooperation projects based on the most advanced technologies.

We contribute to building strong economic ties within the Greater Eurasian Partnership and attracting both local and foreign investment in the Russian regions.

Our programs and services assist companies in risk management and enhance their access to domestic and international capital markets, while our advisory services aid in luring private sector investment necessary to expand businesses, create jobs, and promote economic growth.
Attracting domestic and foreign investment

We serve as a business bridge between regions and investors, assisting Russian and foreign businesses in locating viable investment projects in Russia and contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of various Russian regions and territories of international collaboration.

Our clients benefit from our functional partnerships with major corporations and Russian regional authorities that we have built over the years, as well as our extensive network of representative offices and partner organizations throughout Russia.

Our consulting and media companies are partners and co-organizers of the largest business events in Russia and abroad, such as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, Innoprom, etc.). We communicate unique investment opportunities and projects around Russia and our partner countries in an effort to draw both domestic and international firms to Russian regions.

Green Economy Initiatives

Investment in green projects with high growth potential and profitability is one of our top priorities.

Action is becoming more and more urgently needed to address the climate change agenda and the linked technology development. The support of environmental sustainability initiatives is our social and commercial objective.

We specialize in attracting capital to promising environmental projects in Russia, the CIS, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe. We place a strong emphasis on projects with innovative business concepts, cutting-edge technology, high growth potential, and environmental sustainability because we believe in the social importance and potential of investments in sustainability, green energy, and waste recycling.

By developing advanced technology and achieving a new level of project growth and profitability, we help promising Russian enterprises expand their business.

We pay special attention to green and renewable energy investment projects. Large industrial facilities in eastern Russian areas need to enhance their energy infrastructure due to the rising energy usage.

By choosing and promoting environmentally significant projects and locating sustainable investors, we contribute to the growth of the non-primary economy and sustainable development of the communities.

We also assist businesses in fulfilling their sustainability commitments.

Business Relocation to CIS, the Balkans, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East

Business relocation is one of the solutions to the current global challenges. Through our network of partners across the Eurasian Economic Union, our company helps develop business in new territories, builds supply and logistics chains, and offers legal and marketing support services.

Creating Successful Global Partnerships

Currently, the main indicator of the effectiveness of global business processes is the presence of solid connections between corporations, authorities, and NGOs.

This is especially true for projects deployed in new territories and markets. Our diverse relationships with key business unions and authorities in Russia and Eurasia and our extensive experience in government and public relations will ensure strong commercial ties within the Eurasian Economic Union.


We offer top-notch analytics on the target markets, regions, and enterprises and select pools of qualified experts to carry out marketing research. This has been made possible thanks to the capabilities of our partners, including the expert channel FederalPress, the analytical center of the leading business newspaper Vedomosti, the Institute for Strategic Communications and Social Projects, and others.


Our Legal Department offers a broad variety of legal services, including assistance with mergers and acquisitions, aiding firms in expanding into new markets, and settling corporate disputes. When our clients have difficult problems to resolve, we can serve as a mediator and arbitrator.
Our connections and expertise enable us to focus on the following industries:
Industrial Innovation and Information Technologies
High-Tech Manufacturing
Green Energy and Recycling
Real Estate and Construction
Infrastructure Projects
We have facilities and strong partnerships in the following countries:
Serbia and the Balkans
We provide a wide range of services, including:

Analytics and Strategic Consulting
  • Business And Management Strategy Development
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Innovation Consulting

Research and Marketing
  • Marketing Program Development
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Program Implementation
  • Marketing Initiatives using Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking

Capital and Investments
  • Multi-Family Offices
  • Wealth and Trust Management
  • Capital Raising
  • Investment Project Assessment
  • Investment Project Support
  • Investment Management, including Investment Strategy Development, Target Search, Investment Portfolio Building, Risk Diversification
  • Development and Implementation of Passive Income and Cash Flow Strategies
  • Asset Management
  • Development and Implementation of Asset Growth and Enhancement
  • Attracting Strategic and Financial Investors
  • Attracting Debt and Mezzanine Funding
  • Engaging Strategic Partners
  • IPO Development and Support
  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses
  • Foreign Trade

  • Personal Tax Outsourcing
  • Consulting on Russian and international taxation and currency control laws
  • Development and implementation of personal holding tools and methods
  • Tax dispute counselling and support, legal representation in court and tax authorities
  • Tax counselling on asset ownership risks
  • Tax refund support

  • Marriage and divorce support, marriage contracts, property division
  • Inheritance issues
  • Forum selection counselling, legal entity registration, account opening, administrative support, etc.
  • Asset owning and management, including restructuring, CFC investment, CFC substance, tax-free liquidation, investment trusts and fiduciary structures.
  • Migration solutions
  • Support of real estate and movable property transactions, purchase and sale of art and other assets in and outside Russia
  • Legal services related to foreign trade

Finance and management
  • Business check-in, business diagnostics, tracking of top management fraud and abuse red flags
  • Corporate finance, IFRS, auditing
  • Forensics (including non-public), audits, financial investigations, asset search and recovery
  • Independent Board membership
  • Financial controlling and supervision
  • Investment transaction support
  • Risk management
  • Business and asset valuation
  • Special situations
  • Compliance & Operations, Financial & Capital Market, Governance & Regulations

Investment solutions
  • Bank financing
  • Public finance tools for businesses
  • International financial organization support
  • Bonds, tokens, and venture capital financing (funds and investment companies)
  • Direct investment funds
Business Expeditions
In quest of the new ‘silk road', we organize business trips for Russian and CIS companies to regions of Russia and to possible partner nations.

Such expeditions are not only business missions, but also a chance to explore new territories, markets, consumer behaviours, and business ecosystems.

Upcoming expeditions:
Investment Project Exchange
Our partners include public investment funds, global networks of accredited private investors and business angels, venture funds, and institutional investors. With their assistance, we create a register of investment projects that can be filtered by region, industry, investment amount, payback period, expected profitability, and other parameters.

We intend to allow public access to a part of this register.

We attend and organize major national and international economic events, including the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), Innoprom, the Russian Energy Week, the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, and others.

We also regularly host round tables and other events attended by investments, experts, and representatives of enterprises seeking funding.

We are currently maturing the possibility to host a major international business forum focused on the challenges of capital raising and investment management in Russia and the CIS.
3 Polkovaya St., bldg 1,
entrance 3, floor 4, Moscow
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